Jigging rods, reels and lures at Yeppoon's fishing gear store



In recent years, slow pitch jigging has taken the Australian Fishing market by storm. “Slow pitching” as we know it, has been an awesome tool to target Demersal species that inhabit our reef systems both inshore and offshore along our coast.

Slow pitch jigs are designed to flutter and zig zag throughout the strike zone and imitate wounded bait fish which encourages predatory fish to strike.

Specific tackle has been designed to enhance this style of fishing. From “pitching” rods and reels, to terminal gear and different profile jigs to enable the fishers to make the most of fishing a multitude of depths and target species.

Slow pitch jigging is a style of fishing that we are very passionate about, and can give you tips and tricks to get you tangled with some of our local target species. Visit us in store and our staff can give you a run down on everything “pitching”.